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Fauna & Flora


A wide variety of wildlife, including springbuck, wildebeest, baboon, dassie, black eagle ('witkruis'), crow, guinea fowl ('fisant') and other birds can be seen. Sometimes if you are lucky you'll even see a Cape Mountain Leopard.


Buchu Kloof has some of the most beautiful plant grow imaginable. This piece of paradise contains all the secrets of nature. Majestic mountains embrace the picturesque Slanghoek Valley in which Buchu Kloof is situated. Different areas with indigenous fynbos, consisting of a variety of proteas, ericas, buchu, leucadendrons and wildflowers can be seen while enjoying the magnificent quietness and peace of this paradise.


The standard Buchu's of commerce are obtained from three species: Barosma betulina, known as 'shorts'; B. crenulata, known 'ovals' and 'shortbroads,' and B. serratifolia, known as 'longs.' Buchu leaves are collected while the plant is flowering and fruiting, and are then dried and exported from Cape Town. The Cape Government exercises strict control over the gathering of Buchu leaves and has lately made the terms and conditions more onerous, in order to prevent the wholesale destruction of the wild plants, no person being permitted to pick or buy Buchu without a licence.

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